100+1 valueable SEO tips!

100+1 valueable SEO tips!

100+1 valueable SEO tips! 960 640 TheGreekHub

Search Engine Journal has recently provided a thorough list of 101 of my fast-and-quick tips, tricks, and secrets that will work just as well as a 24-hour SEO jam session!

You can see 10 of them on the following lines, while you can access the full list here.

1. Do not use “#” in URLs. Googlebot does not support index URLs with “#” listed

10. Ever since Penguin is now real-time, it’s important to monitor your backlinks in Google Search Console (Search Traffic > Links to Your Site) and disavow them once a month

20. Swap out your Twitter URL for Twitter Cards

30. Reddit is the ninth largest website in the U.S. This is somewhere you want your brand to be, and you can start by testing with their sponsored content ads

40. Sometimes old content is still driving traffic. If this is the case, consider creating a new post with similar content to drive new, fresh, more relevant content

50. When someone else is syndicating your content, make sure they place the rel=canonical tag to direct back to your original page

60. When you’re working with an influencer, always have a contract in place. You want to be clear about what the influencer expects from you and vice versa

70. If you have products with very close descriptions and names, use the canonical tag instead of redirecting it

80. If you’re trying to structure your keyword buckets based on density, stop. Keyword density hasn’t been a thing for many moons

90. Thanks to artificial intelligence, we see a rise of chatbots. Chatbots allow brands to interact with consumers in a more human-like way. H&M is a good example of a brand utilizing chatbots

100. When you’re searching your site in the search engines ‘site:example.com’ make sure to find all the variations of your site.